Hello, we’re Ethiot

Improving the accessibility and health of your home.

Connected ‘smart’ products present an amazing opportunity to improve health and accessibility in the home. Unfortunately this potential is yet to be fully realised.

At Ethiot we are developing products to make it easier for people with limited mobility and speech to develop independence and autonomy in their homes, and provide helpful, bespoke insights to help you improve air quality and wellness.

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Clean air, everywhere

How clean is the air in your home, office, classroom or on your street? Ethiot are developing smart home devices that monitor and improve air quality to keep you safe and compliant.

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A more accessible smart home

The goal of Ethiot’s inclusive, human-centric approach to design is to enabling more people to live more independently in their own homes. We’re developing technology to do just that.


What we do

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How our technology is helping people

Throughout the design process of all our products we spend time getting to know our users, the things that frustrate them, their goals, their hopes and frustrations.

Through carrying out this process we stumble upon clear areas where we can make a difference. From there we prototype and test our devices with users to ensure we’re solving the problems they identified.

Coming soon are just a few snippets of the stories of how our products have had a positive impact on the lives of real people.

Our solutions

We have solutions for the home, workplace and outdoor urban spaces.

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Accessible smart home

Find out how Sofi makes it easier to use switch access technology to control your HomeKit smart home devices.

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CO2 & IAQ monitoring

Habi monitors your indoor environment to inform you when something’s not right with the quality of your air and ventilation.

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City sensors

Airo is a solar-powered air quality monitor, designed specifically to detect air pollution in outdoor urban areas.


User-centric design without compromise

The way we approach design is really important to us. We want to make products that are useful and accessible. But that doesn’t mean our products need to be boring, overpriced or ugly.

To us the idea of compromise leads to mediocrity, where no-one wins. That’s why we’re so proud of the products we design and put so much focus on the processes involved in manufacturing.


Easy to setup and use


Sustainable design




Built for the future


Mainstream appeal

Working with us

Integrate Ethiot hardware with your existing ecosystem

We’ve built our devices on the principles that not everyone wants a fully-managed IoT solution, that’s why we make our hardware available to system integrators and re-sellers to use our hardware without the need for an ongoing monthly fee.

We utilise industry-standard protocols such as Thread, BLE and NB-IoT, and currently working to make our products as interoperable as possible through certification with Apple’s HomeKit and the new Matter standard.

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Honouring People

Working with local, UK manufacturers ensures we have better visibility of the health and safety standards put in place for those assembling our products.

Stewardship of the planet

Designing, with a sustainable lifecycle in mind, products which can be repaired, upgraded, re-purposed and easily recycled.

Protecting privacy in the home

Our homes are our sanctuaries, and we believe that using the smart home shouldn’t mean sacrificing your privacy.

About us

What drives us

Ethiot is a purpose-driven business that prioritises people above all else. We want this to be evident not only for our users, but also for the people involved at every stage to deliver our products and services.

We also want to do right by the planet and protect user privacy – an area we feel particularly strongly about considering our products are used in peoples homes.

Reach out. Tell us what you need. Find out how we can help. Get started today.