Ethiot Air (Batch 1)

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Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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  • Ethiot Air is a stylish, battery-powered smart-home device which monitors your home’s indoor environment with an array of built-in state of the art sensors.
  • Measures temperature, relative humidity, CO2, VOCs and ambient light.
  • Easy to set-up using the Ethiot Life app, or using Apple’s HomeKit app.
  • Works with the and Ethiot Life health app and connects with other Ethiot products through the Ethiot Home cloud.
    More details on connectivity with other smart home platforms will be announced closer launch.
  • View detailed measurements over time with the Ethiot Life app. Ethiot Air helps you to better identify how your lifestyle impacts your home’s air quality.
  • All Ethiot products are designed and manufactured in the UK. This means greater supply-chain transparency and a reduced carbon footprint, whilst supporting our local businesses across the country.

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