Our Values 

People | Planet | Privacy

Business is changing, and we want to be part of that change.

Where traditionally businesses have prioritised profit above all else, we believe in a model which sets strong ethics and values at the core of business, and not only as a strategic afterthought.

At Ethiot we want to provide a welcoming, inclusive and encouraging workplace for our employees and take seriously the needs and welfare of all those involved in both bringing our products to market, and those who interact with them on a daily basis.

We’ve broadly broken down these aims and values into three main categories: people, planet and privacy.


First and foremost we want to ensure that we have a positive impact on the local and wider communities that our business activities touch. That includes providing opportunities for people from all walks of life in our hometown of Guildford, UK. And it means doing all we can to protect those involved in the development of our products right across the manufacturing chain.

Made in the UK

We’ve decided to manufacture our products in the UK. Aside from the incredible attention to detail and quality associated with British-made products, the benefits to people will be seen in a number of ways.

British business owners

The world has been shaken by the impact covid-19 has had, lives have been lost and businesses have had to close. The UK economy is set to take a hit as we begin to rebuild and return to a ‘new normal’. We want to stand with other local businesses by partnering with as many local and national businesses as we can, to deliver exceptional products and services.

Manufacturing staff

We take very seriously the welfare of those involved in developing our products. By choosing to manufacture in the UK we are able to easily check on working conditions, and can rest assured that the UK’s strong employment and health and safety laws ensure employees are properly looked-after.

Our customers

As a startup business this brings the benefits of reducing risk; communication is improved by being able to meet face-to-face with our partners, solving potential issues more quickly and effectively. This in turn means a better service to you, our customers, as we work through any teething issues that may arise in the early days.


In a world where excessive carbon emissions are causing irreversible damage to the planet, and landfill is filling up at an alarming rate, we feel a great weight of responsibility in the way we approach not only manufacturing, but the full lifecycle of our physical products.

It is thought that by the end of this year 95% of all internet-connected devices will be in the Internet of Things category. Given the amount of waste caused by mobile phones over the past 25 years, if we don’t take the write steps, IoT could be a major contributor to e-waste all over the world.

We are approaching this challenge in a variety of ways.


“Nothing lasts like it used to” we’ve become uncomfortably used to hearing this cry as we lament modern products’ disposable nature. We’ve become conditioned to buying products which we only expect to last us two or three years before we chuck them our and buy a newer version. But as we know, this is simply not sustainable.

Modular design

When we first sat down to design our products we knew that we wanted to make them have the ability to be upgraded over time, or repaired when required. By taking a modular approach we ensure that individual elements of the product can be replaced or upgraded without the need for the whole device to be replaced.


All Ethiot products are constructed from hard-wearing materials and held together with standard screws and fixings. This means a simple off-the-shelf tool kit is all that’s required to make repairs.

Software and device pairing

An important consideration in making repairs and upgrades as seamless as possible means making it painless from a software perspective. We’re developing a quick and easy mechanism for re-pairing *(as opposed to ‘repairing’ – not confusing at all!)* devices even when you change the core compute module.


For those who aren’t inclined to upgrade or repair their own devices we are working on a return and upgrade programme, which provides a great way to help others whilst keeping up with the latest cutting-edge innovations and styles.

In order to have the biggest impact improving housing conditions, we want to make our devices accessible to all. Unfortunately, quite often those who are most in need do not have the means to purchase our devices.

With the Ethiot return and upgrade programme, owners will be able to trade-in their existing Ethiot products for the latest versions. The returned devices will then be refurbished and re-deployed through local charities to homes in our communities that need them most.


When the end of the road eventually comes and there is nothing more that can be done for an Ethiot product, we want to make sure Ethiot products get the best possible send-off.

We are currently exploring a number of options around how we can best recycle our devices with the minimal waste possible. We will announce more regarding our recycling plans in the coming months.


Our homes are our sanctuaries, they’re the private places in our lives where we feel most able to be ourselves.

Unfortunately the majority of tech products and services require you trade your privacy for the benefits they offer, and that’s no less true of the smart home.

At Ethiot we believe in offering another way, that doesn’t compromise your privacy, without reducing the benefits offered by smart home technology.

Secure by design

Ethiot has been developed from the ground up with security and user privacy in mind. That means that data is not sold or shared to outside parties, and an internet connection is not required for core product functionality. When renting a property with the *Ethiot Pro* service, tenants will have peace of mind that their landlord only has access to a limited set of data, which is agreed to and clearly explained to the tenant.

Apple HomeKit compatible*

It’s all well and good developing a secure platform for our own products, but we understand that the real power in smart homes comes when combining with other products. That’s why Ethiot products are being developed in line with the Apple HomeKit standard, and will be compatible with Apple’s smart home interface from launch.

The choice is yours

At the end of the day your home is your home, and if you love what we’re offering in our products, but aren’t concerned about sharing your personal data with 3rd parties, we provide the option to integrate Ethiot with other popular smart home brands and services.

*Apple HomeKit in development, and subject to Apple Certification and approval.